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Books and publications

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The Most Excellent Book of Juggling - Aladdin Watts 1997
isbn 0-7496-2881-2

Circus Skills and Commedia in Discovering The Self Through Drama and Movement
Ed Jenny Pearson Jessica Kingsley 1996
isbn 1-8532-381-1

The Lazarus Stone - Play with Jean Hart

Circus and Clown for Continuum: Companion to 20th Century Theatre 2000

The Scaramouche Project, chapter in Harlequin vs Hamlet, Edwin Mellor Press
Ed Chritopher Cairns - forthcoming

Total Theatre Journal - articles Volume 14 Issue2 - Topeng. Volume 15 issue 1
Theatre Design

Movement and Dance - Laban Guild Volume 22 no2 - Balinese Mask Tradition