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My workshops and classes are on "The Physics of Comedy and the Comedic Actor" - study of contemporary theatre practice by exploring classic and contemporary text as well as the close relationship between comedy and tragedy.
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Courses on offer:

  • "New wine in old skins", a course that draws on Stanislavsky, Jacques Lecoq and Laban methodologies to explore theatre text including Chekhov, Shakespeare, Ayckbourn, Brendan Behan, J.M. Synge and Martin McDonagh.
  • Commedia dell'Arte - The Masks of the Commedia dell'Arte, the actor's theatre
  • Clown - The Mask of Stupidity, fragility and humanity
  • Buffoonery - Body Mask Theatre of Parody and the Grotesque
  • Larval Masks - The Masks of Naivity and Curiosity
  • Balinese Topeng - The Balinese Masks of Tradition of Kings and Clowns
  • Slapstick
  • Laban Movement
  • Chorus
  • Lazzi
  • Silent Movie Routines
  • Story Telling
  • The Physical Actor and the Physics of Acting